Year 01 - Continual Delay


Continual Delay Project  [year one // semester two]

A collector wants to display a 2x4x22’ long board. The collector desires to provide an experience of the object that increases its distinctiveness and intensifies our desire for an understanding of this common object. The structure must include two viewing spaces for the board. Neither space should reveal the board entirely. There should also be an exterior entrance space and the structure should relate to the 10’ drop in the site.


Upon being presented with the project, several experiments were conducted to determine exactly how “continual delay” could be achieved through architecture. Model after model, different compositional strategies were analyzed and improved.  Two of the most successful approaches included multiplied vertical lines, or “friction”,  to slow the eye and wrapping to quickly move the eye past the object.

After discovering these two techniques, I began my design process by creating two spaces, one situated on the upper portion of the site and one situated on the lower portion. The 2x4 is partially viewed from both levels and is accessed by a wide-stepped staircase wrapping around the exterior of the two spaces. The width of the stair steps exhibit continual delay while hinting at the south-end “view” on the site. Through tectonic columns and beams, friction delays the eye from seeing the 2x4 and foreshadows the existence of its other half.