This immersive theater dining event was designed and produced at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans as an engaging narrative to recount the original story behind the creation of the Moscow Mule. 

Notable guests from Tales of the Cocktail were invited to the opening of an interactive pop-up restaurant by Smirnoff, called the Cock'N Bull. Communal seating was integrated into the surrounding environment, representing a 1941 restaurant, with key prop elements including vintage polaroid cameras, newspaper articles from 1941, and historic decor furniture.

From there, what unfolds is a unique immersive theatrical experience where actors strategically positioned throughout the space brought to life a live story of what took place in 1941, while they dine on a unique culinary experience.

Role: Lead Creative, handled all design and execution of visuals, build, and decor elements. Managed all wardrobe and styling of actors and set design. 


"This was one of the coolest events at TOTC...thank you for having us Diageo!"