Year 01 - Relating Spaces

Relating Spaces [year one // semester one]


Design two spaces with two interior spaces that relate to one another on a two foot by four foot base. The base includes a break and a connection space.

For this project, we worked in pairs to build a 2x4’ site with their own individual spaces, each 6x6x10”, that related to each other and the site. The base was required to have a break and a space aiding in the relationship of the two spaces. We began in 1/8” scale to experiment with spacial configuration. While working with  different space placements and break variations, we moved forward with the idea of having one space elevated above the surface and the other sunken into the site. The connection space also mirrors this idea on each side.



After deciding on this basic concept, we moved up to 1/4” scale. At this scale, we began to develop the spaces’ relation to each other while adding detail. To emphasize the spacial relation, we came to the conclusion to face one of the interior spaces towards each other while leaving the other interior space to face the outward view.Our final details included incorporating cutouts to show the existence of form within each space. These cut outs exhibited the construction and materiality of each space as well.