Mid City


Mid city exhibit design [YEAR four // SEMESTER ONE]

Thriving communities need public space. #iammidcity started as a service-learning, design-build studio focused on creating public space for the ever-growing art community in Mid-City Baton Rouge. My studio was challenged to develop a 1200-square-foot, modular, community exhibit in front of a local printing company, Letterman's Blue Print and Supply - who generously sponsored the construction of the exhibit. We spent significant time visualizing and testing ideas on site and defining specific parameters for the space. We interviewed residents, worked with local material suppliers, and hosted community events to get input from the public. 

The design challenge for us was to create an exhibit that did not physically adhere to the wall, yet still acted as a modular system that could be altered in the years to come. Each panel system hosted a different cultural theme of Mid-City and acted as a gathering spot for residents and visitors to reflect and learn about the vibrant history of their community. Cedar planters were constructed and installed at the edge of the site to form a safe space for people to convene away from busy Government street.