Year 02 - Mask Museum


Mask Gallery and Performance Center  [year two // semester one]

The goal of this project is to design a performance and exhibit space for youth that promotes growth, empowerment, and constructive social change. The target participants are youth, ages 13-25, and the target audience is all ages. Through informal performance, impromptu collaboration, directed conversations, and personal reflection, engaged participants will heighten their presence in the collective voice of community and seek to effect positive change.

This project focuses on natural daylight and the ability of the designer to take advantage of the unique special qualities of light in the architectural narrative for the performance and exhibit space. Specifically, the design should address light conditions in the morning, afternoon and at dusk. The design solution is limited to a single volume 40’ long, 20’ high, and 18’ wide, and the design process is subtractive. 



My design incorporated a subtle emergence of light as one progresses through the spaces. At the entrance of the exhibit, the viewer is welcomed with darkness and an array of masks. As the viewer continues, light begins to filter through and introduces the social gathering space. The gathering space serves as the connection between the exhibit and the performance hall where a dramatic opening in the ceiling lets light shine onto the stage.