Year 02 - Lanexang Village


Patio Renovation  [year two // semester two]

The design, in brief, will be focused on creating a new architectural interpretation of Louisiana’s Lao-American vernacular. The design will prepare the community and its new generations for the emergence of new systems and patterns of living while still retaining important cultural, symbolic, and traditional aspects of the society. The design solution should include a semi-public space (accommodating a  50 person event, communal dining, garden, pathway, threshold, entry),  a semi-private space (seating for 10, social program, domestic function program), and a technology space (kitchen, digital entertainment, etc).


The purpose of this project was to develop an understanding of the community’s architectural and individual needs and to alter an existing trailer to better fit the needs of the resident. The design solution entails a complete reorganization of space, vegetation, and lighting to enhance the individual experiences of each space. By creating variations of enclosure, each space reads completely different from each other, yet the openness unifies the outdoor spaces as a whole. The lighting detail in each space also allows for solar filtration and ample lighting. By re positioning the location of vegetation, the plants now live in an ideal environmental condition while providing visual appeal to the outdoor spaces.

To view the site analysis book for this project, click here.