Year 03 - Cocodrie



Framing Louisiana's Marshland  [year three // semester one]

 As the marshes tend to change along the years in the southern Louisiana bayou, there is a subtle existence of a personified rivalry between the two distinctive environmental conditions: the water and the grasses, as well as the threshold in between. This impermanent divide between water and land defines the visual, circulatory, and environmental make-up of Louisiana’s marshland and struck me as a marking of change in the in the transitory wetland of Cocodrie. 

My response to this distinguished site began with an intent on creating framed views and experiences of the particular site conditions: the grasses, water, and the dividing line in between.The structure transcends from a focus on the water, to a focus on the grasses, with the shoreline in between. The central area of the structure acts as a framing of the shoreline as well as a constant marking of change to the transforming edge between the water and the grasses. This rectangular structure is separated from the distant view of Cocodrie with a large concrete wall to create a sense of exclusion. The wall runs along the length of the rectangular structure and also acts as a measure of tide change through watermarks on the surface of the concrete. 

The structured grid is constructed of wood beams and columns. Its materiality will deteriorate as time begins to run its course and altar the landscape yet again. The shared central space is be constructed of concrete to act as a permanent constant to exhibit the constant decay of Cocodie’s fragile marshland.