Year 01 - Analytical Drawings


Bianchi House Analytical Drawings  [year one // semester two]

The Bianchi house was a case study building assigned to be analyzed through research, diagrammatic drawings, and an evocative drawing.  The Bianchi house in Switzerland was designed by Mario Botta to conceptualize the surrounding site into the driving factor for the building cut-outs. Due to Botta’s emphasis on the surrounding context, many of the programmatic and technical components of the building reflected his desire to design around the building’s territory.



Several aspects of the building were analyzed through diagrammatic axon drawings. These included: primary views, circulation vs. space,  geometry vs. composition, heirarchy of form, heirarchy of space, and public vs. private. These analytical drawings, as well as the plan drawings, were hard-lined with graphite and emphasized with various line weights. The final deliverable for this project included an evocative drawing that displayed the building’s design concept in a creative way. The evocative drawing was the first assignment to be completed with Adobe Photoshop.